Our innovation services allow for rapid prototyping and Proof of Concept creation in various digital formats. Accelerate your innovation – let our team do the leg work so you can focus on the bigger picture.

UX/UI Design

We create intuitive design and information architecture to cut down on development time and ensure your users seamlessly flow through content. Work with us to create a crisp experience.

Digital Transformation

Starting to feel left behind by your competitors? Need better online tools or integrations with third parties? Work with our team to assess your business and develop a plan to improve operations.

Maintenance & Support

Keeping up with the ever evolving technology industry is a full-time responsibility. Let us help.

Mobile App Development

Have a working website but need a stronger mobile presence? Want to take advantage of new mobile trends and capabilities? We do fast and effective mobile web (Responsive) and native development for your key products.

Web App Development

Have bugs that need fixing? Need to scale up your current solution? Work with us to decrease your headaches and time to market for new features. We help ship great Web software in record time for your users. Find out more.

Our Process

Our collaborative process will ensure your business objectives are empowered by our digital solution. From sketches to functional solutions, our experts will work with you and make your ideas come to life.

  • Strategy
    Defines the problem
  • Concept
    Define the product
  • Prototype
    Create functional screens
  • Release Candidate
    Connect product to live data
  • Post-launch Support
    Help your product thrive in the market


  • Reviewing business goals
  • Analyzing existing digital assets (branding, design concepts, example content, analytics, project documents and existing codebases or systems)
  • Comparing application to competitive offerings (market, direct and indirect competitors)

Stakeholder Interviews

  • Identifying the range of business goals & market opportunities for the product and/or service


  • Creating unified & clearly defined product plan 
  • Service recommendations
  • UX and technical audit document
  • Key risks assessment (security, competition, growth)
  • Design, technical and market recommendations for product, including production schedule & launch dates

Define the product by

  • Gathering design & technical assets 
  • Exploring key interactions and user goals with stakeholders & production team members using low-fi design assets
  • Mapping out dependencies for production
  • Testing to validate usability and utility


  • Information architecture & application maps
  • Low-fidelity wireframes and wire prototypes
  • Key user personas, flows and product assumptions

Create functional screens by

  • Creating interactive prototypes on desktop, mobile and TV via browser
  • Producing prototypes (interface layer only or proof of concept if integrations with serves are required)
  • Testing concepts with real end-users; feedback gets incorporated into product iterations


  • Web-based interactive prototype 
  • Skeleton app (native prototype with local data)
  • Live product demo and walkthrough
  • Testing summary for user and stakeholder recommendations

Prepare the product by

  • Building the app out with full functionality
  • Connecting to live services and third party APIs
  • Testing submission-ready builds with real end-users
  • Coordinating with Sales and Marketing departments to prepare for launch


  • Daily builds on device for stakeholders, team members & testers
  • Regular testing & debugging
  • Registration & configuration in app store
  • App submission and acceptance

Help your product thrive in the market by

  • Monitoring product live (app ratings, user engagement, issue reporting & triage)
  • Coordinating with sales and marketing departments to increase performance of advertising efforts
  • Responding to user comments, implementing fixes and increasing ratings


  • Regular product updates to app marketplace
  • Analytics & community support
  • Ad campaign support & engagement reporting