Canadian Clinical Drug Dataset

Maintaining, upgrading and automating data pipelines for Canada's drug database and underlying PrescribeIT data architecture.


Our client is responsible for the underlying infrastructure of PrescribeIT, Canada’s e-prescribing service. We were tasked with automating a manual process which supports industry, systems and professionals with accurate, up to date information where errors could have potentially life-threatening consequences.

The dataset required monthly updates and the data sources often contain new formatting or inconsistencies which do not conform with pipeline. Fixes to scripts and human workflow were required to encourage error-free automated processes.


New scripts were created to automate the data generation process. Performance of monthly generations was monitored to uncover additional efficiencies and error reduction opportunities. Data was groomed to identify, investigate and confirm recurring errors further up the data pipeline.


Data cleaning
Script error investigation and solutions
System update support
Database generation
Data pipeline automation
Multiple language support

  • mysql
  • postgres
  • pgmodeler
  • r
  • rstudio
  • js
  • azure
  • github


The automated data generation process removed key bottlenecks and expedited monthly maintenance & support of data operations. With multiple language support now in place, industry experts are now able to coordinate and merge workflows across multiple time zones, languages and industries.