Smart Table (RaspberryPi & iOS / Android)

Creating a Smart table with custom circuits, server logic and music player integrations (supporting iOS and Android)


  • Partnership opportunity to create a custom-designed smart table that can be controlled with a mobile device for a private Metal & Smart Device Manufacturer
  • Challenge was to work across the board (native app, server, third party integrations, custom hardware, hardware integrations)


  • Create custom smart table technology using open source components (available online)
  • Manually configure hardware to create viable circuit and corresponding logic to control components
  • Create access controls via code and make them available on a local virtual server (accessible by other devices via Wifi and bluetooth)
  • Create onboarding experience (bluetooth connection with handoff to wifi)
  • Mobile interface for device controls, plus admin panel controls for administration
  • Including an integration with Spotify and Google Music APIs to stream songs to SmartDevice


  • Platform Research
  • Prototyping (Hardware, Apps)
  • Native Android Development
  • Native iOS Development
  • User experience design
  • Interface design iterations
  • Spotify and Google Play integrations
  • mysql
  • bluetooth
  • react
  • aws
  • muse
  • js
  • spotify
  • googleplay
  • ios
  • android


Functional prototypes were created and shipped, along with a Mobile App to control the experience. Documentation was also created to support product operation and developer instructions (custom toolkit) for product handoff.
Product highlight moment: demonstrated as a product concept for RocNation (Jay-Z's company).