Brain Computer Interface Project – EEG 101

How we developed a leading Brain Computer Interface (BCI) application suite for neuroscience education.


Our team was tasked to build a solution for people to learn the functional cogs of Neuroscience, despite limited market, developer libraries and documentation for working with leading brain-sensing hardware (BCI, EEG). Few available developer tools for neuroscience existed at the time, and it was traditionally difficult for developers to get access to leading providers and their source code.


Our team partnered with neuroscience industry leaders InteraXon and NeuroTechX to produce a world-first: interactive learning application suite that teaches the cogs of neuroscience using the learner’s brain waves to illustrate concepts.

A series of entertaining and colourful interfaces, native applications, libraries and custom dashboards were created for the exploration of Neuroscience fundamentals, including breaking down complex topics like signal analysis and animations on how “reading the brain” works. The training module leveraged hardware libraries to access key Brain Computer Interface (BCI) features from the InteraXon Muse hardware suite.


  • Native Android
  • Native iOS
  • BCI Hardware Integration (InteraXon Muse)
  • Data Visualization & Animation
  • Bluetooth signal processing and data optimization
  • Curriculum & Content creation
  • User testing
  • Developer community support
  • bluetooth
  • react
  • js
  • github
  • ganalytics
  • aws
  • android
  • python
  • muse


EEG 101 became a leading application for neuroscience enthusiasts and was featured at the 2018 Society for Neuroscience conference, the largest gathering of scientists globally with 30 000 attendees, located in San Diego California. Our team presented the app to live audiences internationally and leveraged its framework to teach students at hackathons (University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, BitMaker Labs).